Preeti Bose 123 120 AT Dev

Preeti Bose

The program has been insightful, thought-provoking, and a great opportunity to meet with so many industry HR senior professionals.

Mohit Kumar 123 120 AT Dev

Mohit Kumar

The best part was the interaction in the live sessions with very knowledgeable faculty and equally enthusiastic participants.

Misha Rai 123 120 AT Dev

Misha Rai

Very invigorating sessions with lots of learning from shared experiences. The faculty were very experienced and knowledgeable.

Gurjeev Singh Kapoor 123 120 admin

Gurjeev Singh Kapoor

Really enjoyed the sessions from Professor Karan and learnt about the digital business. Overall, an enriching experience

Shaimaa Badra 123 120 admin

Shaimaa Badra

The program was great and the faculty was very well experienced

Prerit Binjrajka 123 120 admin

Prerit Binjrajka

Very good learning experience. The professors were highly experienced. They taught us concepts using the practical approach

Manish Desai 123 120 admin

Manish Desai

Loved the pre-read material and interactions during the 100% LIVE interactive sessions

Roderick Croes 123 120 admin

Roderick Croes

It was a fantastic experience with lots of thought provoking lectures, discussions and insights on digital business leadership

Karim Bennis 123 120 admin

Karim Bennis

Truly a great learning experience with diverse content and expert faculty from Cornell

Faisal Alkadi 123 120 admin

Faisal Alkadi

I chose Cornell because it is ranked first in the F&B and hospitality sector. Cornell SELP will help me drive transformational change in my organization