Nelson Soriano 123 120 AT Dev

Nelson Soriano

It was a wonderful learning experience with a bunch of leaders from various industries and professions. The course was well-thought of.

Prashanth Menon 123 120 AT Dev

Prashanth Menon

This whole learning experience was diverse in terms of faculty and participants giving me a 360 degree perspective of business and operations.

Hadi Ghazi Al Irjan 123 120 admin

Hadi Ghazi Al Irjan

Amazing and eye opening program. It definitely has put me on track towards success as a true leader

Shruthi Mallya 123 120 admin

Shruthi Mallya

It was very effective. I appreciate the time and course breadth we received for all courses

Bhumika Srivastava 123 120 admin

Bhumika Srivastava

The learning experience was great. What I valued the most was the global perspective

Setare Irani Degamwala 123 120 admin

Setare Irani Degamwala

The program was great. The professors were very engaging so I enjoyed the sessions

Shipra Gairola 123 120 admin

Shipra Gairola

It was good to understand more evolved HR concepts and case studies prevalent across markets

Manisha Sharma Prasad 123 120 admin

Manisha Sharma Prasad

It’s been a very insightful journey all through, varied dimensions covered brilliantly with relevant case studies and very interactive sessions with faculty and peers

Mainak Chaki 123 120 admin

Mainak Chaki

Excellent faculty! Their knowledge dissemination and connection with the whole cohort was fantastic

Rosemarie Tacorda 123 120 admin

Rosemarie Tacorda

The faculty is very knowledgeable, understanding and respectful and the entire team has been very encouraging.